An eco-friendly innovation that extracts metals from ore, mining tailings and other mineral containing materials in a record time of 3 hours.

About Copex Metals

Copex Metals is a mineral refining enterprise established to commercialize a mineral processing technology developed by one of its founders termed the Copper Atomic Accelerator, which extracts metals from ore, mining tailings, and other mineral containing materials.
By way of a chemical methodology, the Copper Atomic Accelerator drastically improves the time required to process ore and tailings from an industry standard of approximately 30-days to 3-5 hours, and, unlike harmful conventional mineral processing methods used globally, is eco-friendly and incorporates a modular recycling system generating little to no waste.

Tailings Problem

According to information provided by the National Geology and Mining Service (Sernageomin), Chile now has over 750 reservoirs and tailings deposits. Of the total, 128 are active tailings, 446 are non-active tailings, and 146 are tailings abandoned, those that do not have a holder.
In 2015, more than 500 million tons were produced, among the large, medium and small-scale mining. This figure will increase, and according to the projections of the Chilean Copper Commission, this volume should double in the next 10 years.

“Today Chilean mines produce between 1,200,000 and 1,400,000 tons of tailings a day.”

Undersecretary of Mining, Ignacio Moreno.




Copper Atomic Accelerator Technology

Copper Atomic Accelerator is a new technology developed and tested by Copex Metals. It provides a simple, extremely efficient system for copper mines operation that can be easily replicated or even transported to any site.

It ensures environmentally friendly clean production, without emissions of toxic gases and formation of tailings dams.

Copper Atomic Accelerator is the only known industrial process that makes copper extraction from tailings and gravel economically feasible.

Five Facts About Copper Atomic Accelerator

Copper Atomic Accelerator Process is the only known process making copper extraction from gravel and tailings profitable.
Similarly, it is capable of increasing the productivity of regular ore processing, decreasing the times and producing PLS free of Fe and other contaminants.
Unique process capable of working with oxides and sulfides, without the need of having two different types of process.
Ability to carry out leaching in only 3 hours batch with productivity limited only by the size of the batch, significantly below the time of the current leaching process.
This process outputs an inert pollutant free material that can be marketed as construction gravel or mineral rich soil

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